Password-based security is only as secure as the management of the password itself. Users often forget passwords, choose simple passwords, or even leave passwords lying around on scraps of paper. CommuniText™ takes the responsibility for password management off the user, simplifying life for them and increasing security. 

When installing the software, you need to enter both a username and serial number, supplied by RSD. These details are encrypted (using strong encryption) and stored on disk. When a message is passed to the messaging portal, these details are also passed and checked for consistency. In addition, however, a unique identifier generated from hardware on your PC is also passed to the portal. This is also checked to ensure that the request has indeed come from your system, and is therefore genuine. Note that the PC identifier does not provide additional security the first time you send a message - only subsequent messages can be checked, and the first message is assumed to be genuine.

Additional Users

Many Outlook add-ins on the market are provided free of charge, with no restriction on the number of installations allowed. The enhanced security of CommuniText™, however, means that this distribution model cannot be used. Additional users must each be added to your account - please see our on-line shop for full details.

Email Delivery

As the current email spam situation shows, it is not possible to verify the sender of an email. This is another reason, besides delivery delays, that CommuniText™ does not use email for delivery of messages. 



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